The lighter has been designed in order that it will not function when in the hands of a child.

Press 2-Flick

The roller will spin around easily, but it will only ignite the lighter when, in two separate actions, pressure is applied to the roller, which clicks down, and then the gas release button is pressed.

Considerable force is required, in order to push the roller down, which means that a child could not accidentally ignite the lighter. If a child were to be in possession of the lighter, it would be protected from accidental ignition due to this feature.

The fact that ignition requires two actions at separate, but consecutive periods, ensures that the lighter cannot be lit by children, nor by adults accidentally.

With a revolutionary patented new cap and flint mechanism young children will find it very difficult to flint the lighter without applying force to the wheel.

Easylite Safety Lock Lighter Certificates

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